No summer is complete without a delicious summer BBQ, we offer a full event package with a range of fantastic menus, please see below. If you like, we can even tailor a special menu just for you!


Chef's tip

When you are planning your BBQ be sure to give us a call, we can go through all the logistics with you, provide you with the chefs and run the whole event for you, so you can focus on your guests while we look after your BBQ

Classic Menu


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Cumberland, Lincolnshire & Vegetarian Sausages
Aberdeen Angus Burgers 4oz/Vegetarian Burgers
Served With Cheese & Relishes
Mixed Salad
Potato Salad

Greek Themed menu

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Chicken Souvlaki
Lamb Souvlaki
Vegetarian Skewers
Greek Salad with Olives & Feta
Taramaa (Cod Roe Beaten with Lemon & Olive Oil)
Zatziki (Greek Yoghurt & Cucumber & Mint)
Hallumi (Charcoal Grilled Greek Cheese)
Spanahopilta (Fresh Spinach with Feta Wrapped in Filo Pastry)
Mediterranean Flatbread with Rosemary

Italian menu

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Marinated Italian Chicken
Italian Sausage (Mildly Spiced)
Vegetarian Stuffed Aubergine Parmiggiani
Buffalo Mozzarella with Beef Tomatoes & Avocado
Char grilled Peppers, Zucchini & Onions
(Potato Vinaigrette)
Chunks of Ciabatta & Foccacia Bread

Surf & Turf

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Aberdeen Angus (Rib Eye) Sirloin Steak
Black Jumbo Tiger Prawns Marinated with Lemon & Coriander
Lamb Chops Marinated in Teriyakis & Sage
Succulent BBQ Ribs
Roasted Mediterranean Vegetable Salad & Couscous
Baby New Potatoes with Spring Onion & Light Mayo
Mixed Leaves with Tomato, Cucumber, Red Onion with Yoghurt & Mint
Crusty French Bread & Rustic Bread


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