Individual Breakfast & Brunch Items

Choose from our delicious range of breakfast items to create the perfect combination for your meeting or event

Fruit Danish Pastries
Apple, peach, pear, pineapple, custard, plum
Small £1.25 Large £1.95 each
Raisin Danish Small £1.25 Large £1.95 each
Cinnamon Danish Small £1.25 Large £1.95 each
Almond or chocolate croissant Small £1.25 Large £1.95 each
All butter croissants with jam/honey/butter Small £1.25 Large £1.95 each
All Butter Brioches Small £1.25 Large £1.95 each
Fruit Scones with jam & butter £2.50 each  
Jam filled doughnuts 95p each  
Scotch pancakes & syrup £2.50 each  
Home made American muffins
Blueberry, cherry, carrot, chocolate, bran
£2.00 each  
Filled breakfast bagels (white & brown) Small £2.25 Large £3.00 each
Savoury filled breakfast croissants: ham & cheese, spinach & cheese, tomato & cheese   Large £3.50 each
BIG FANDANGO: Hot bacon, sausage, fried egg & cheese in a soft multigrain bap £3.75 each  
*SANDS classic ‘blue wrap’ breakfast rolls using baguettes and ciabatta filled with either: bacon / sausage / fried egg / Quorn sausage or mushroom omelette
Just need to Microwave for a piping hot roll
* In some cases can be sent Hot
£2.75 each  
The BIG sausage & onion wrap £3.00 each  
Doorstep bloomer breakfast sandwiches: bacon / sausage / egg / Quorn sausage or mushroom omelette £3.20 each  
Filled breakfast pretzel sub rolls £3.75 each  
The BLT (grilled bacon, lettuce & tomato) on a crusty baguette £3.75 each  
Yogurt / Granola (natural/berries/banana/raisins honey) £2.50 each  
Continental sliced meat breakfast platter
3 portions of sliced meats to include Mortadella, Salami & Bresaola
Served with olives, tomato and Italian breads
£5.50 per person  
Continental sliced cheese breakfast platter with crackers
A selection of three portions of Continental cheeses, with crackers, butter & Pickle
£5.00 per person  
Smoked salmon & boiled egg breakfast platter with brown bread & butter £4.00 per person  
Fruit skewers £1.65 each  
Sliced fruit platters £3.50 per person  
Exotic fruit skewers £1.85 each  
Fruit salad pot £2.50 each  
Mixed cakes £1.65 per person  
Small 250ml Pure orange / apple juice £2.50 each  

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