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Good ingredients, traditional cooking and hearty portions are the secrets of success with our hot food menus


Chef's tip

As we say in Italy - Alla casalinga or just as mama used to make.

Our hot food mains start from as little as £6.50 per portion.  Look below to see some of the main dishes we have on offer.


Chef's tip

Check out the set menus below for some of our best combinations of mains, accompaniments and desserts, but always remember, if you have a favourite dish we don't have on the menu you can give us a call and most often we can make it for you.

Set Menus - Minimum 10 people

Included in the package is the food, cutlery and crockery, buffet cloths and staffing to serve and clear

Example Menu 1Example Menu 1
Example menu 1

Example Menu 1

@ £21.50 per person

Meat Lasagne
Penne Fiorentina (Penne Pasta with peppers in a rich Napoli sauce)
Mozzarella Salad tricolore Salad
Italian Roasted Vegetables
Mixed Italian Breads
Individual pots of Tiramisu

Example menu 2Example menu 2
Example menu 2

Example Menu 2

@ £21.50 per person

Bangers (Cumberland sausages & Creamed Mash with onions and gravy
(Veg Bangers Provided)
Buttered Carrots & Swede
Apple Pie & Custard

Example menu 3Example menu 3
Example mneu 3

Example Menu 3

@ £21.50 per person

Thai Green Curry
Vegetable Curry
A selection of Samosas & onion bhajis (served cold)
Green Salad
A selection of mini dessert Pots

Example Menu 4

@ £21.50 per person

Beef bourguignon served with sautéed new potatoes
Pasta Provincial with seasonal vegetables
Green beans and buttered carrots
Lemon tart and crème fraiche

Example Menu 5

@ £21.50 per person

Chicken Cacciatore served with sauté potatoes
Mushroom risotto
Char grilled sotto olio Italian style vegetables
Mixed Italian Breads
Chocolate Profiterolls

Example Menu 6

@ £21.50 per person

Poached salmon in a cream and fennel white sauce
Aubergine Parmesan
Mange tout and baby sweet corn
New potatoes in Rosemary
Chocolate truffle cake

Example Menu 7

@ £21.50 per person

Moroccan Style Chicken
Moroccan Vegetarian Carrot and Chickpea Tagine
Served with Hot sultana couscous
A selection of Roasted Vegetables
& Fresh fruit Skewers

Example Menu 8

@ £21.50 per person

Sweet & Sour Chicken (50%)
Medallions of Beef in black bean sauce (50%)
Chinese Stir-fry Vegetables
Boiled Rice
A selection of Almond Sliced
A selection of fresh fruit Skewers

Example Menu 9

@ £21.50 per person

Chicken Fajita
veg chilli
Spicy Potatoes wedges
Mexican Salad
Nachos and dips
Profiteroles with choc sauce

Example Menu 10

@ £21.50 per person

Chicken Korma
Vegetable Jalfrese
Served with Basmati rice
Saag aloo (potato and spinach)
Plain & Peshwari Naan
Exotic Fruit Salad & Cream

Example Menu 11

@ £21.50 per person

Steak & Merlot Pie
Served with Green beans, buttered carrot & Creamed Mash
Apple Pie and custard or Bread and butter pudding with cream

Other hot dishes we offer include

Italian dishes

Penne Florentina Penne with Mozzarella, Baby Spinach, Parmesan in a Napoli Sauce.
Penne Bolognese Penne in a Meat & Red Wine sauce with Mozzarella & Parmesan
Penne di Verdura Penne with Roasted Vegetables in a Napoli Sauce
Penne Masala Garlic Chicken with Masala in a creamy Tomato Sauce
Penne Matriciana Penne with Bacon & Onion in a Napoli Sauce
Penne Contadina Penne with Chicken & Mushroom in a Cream Sauce
Lasagna Meat & Vegetable Options

Indian Dishes

Chicken Korma Chunks of Chicken Breast in a creamy Korma Sauce
Vegetable Korma Roasted Vegetables in a creamy Korma Sauce
Chicken Tikka Masala 
Vegetable Tikka Masala
All the above are serve with Rice

Thai Dishes

Green Curry Meat, Fish or Vegetables in a Green Curry Sauce
Red Curry Meat, Fish or Vegetables in a Red Curry Sauce (Hot)

Chinese Dishes

Sweet & Sour Chicken
Sweet & Sour Vegetables
Chicken & Cashew nuts in a Black Bean Sauce
Chicken & Cashew nuts in a Yellow Bean Sauce

Traditional dishes

Shepherds Pie
Shepherdess Pie Vegetarian Option
Mousaka Served with Side Salad
Chili con Carnie Meat & Vegetarian option
Cottage Pie served with Salad or New Potatoes
Mexican Chili Meat or Vegetarian option served on a bed of Rice
Beef Bourguignon served with Rice
Chicken Stroganoff
Sausage and mash with onions and gravy.


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