Salad boxes

When you are looking for a NO BREAD option, look no further than our delicious and healthy lunch boxes. We have created a range of wonderful meals with the freshest ingredients. Each comes supplied with a knife, Fork and serviette so all you need to do is eat and enjoy!


Chef's tip

If you have a favourite salad box which doesn’t appear on our menu give us a call and we may be able to make it for you!

Individual buffet boxesIndividual bufet boxes
Individual buffet boxes

Individual buffet boxes

@ £10.50 each

1. Italian Chicken with tomato & Herb sauce, mixed leaf garnish, Genovese pesto pasta, Mediterranean roasted Vegetables & a pizza roll

2. Seared Salmon Fillet in a light chilli sauce, watercress garnish, new potato & spring onion salad, crunchy salad in a light vinaigrette with a sunflower roll.

3. Falafels with Hummus, cucumber and carrot salad, mozzarella sun-blushed tomato & olive salad. Lightly curried rice with a mini pita 

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