Sands Sandwich & Salads Menu

Healthy and tasty – our new range of sandwich and salad menus, we have aimed to combine the best parts of a buffet and a sandwich lunch

Salads are offered as sharing Bowls or Platters

Menu 1

@ £11.50 each

A selection of traditionally filled sandwiches & home baked rolls (1 round per person)
Three Bean and rice salad (sharing bowl)
Traditional Italian Caprese salad, creamy mozzarella, ripe tomatoes,
Basil leaves & olive oil (sharing platter)
Fresh Fruit Skewers (1 per person)
A selection of mini fresh fruit and apple & almond tarts

Menu 2

@ £11.50 per person

A selection of traditionally filled sandwiches & home baked rolls and mini bagels (1 round per person)
Potato salad with a touch of mayo, cornichons & fresh chives
Greek salad with feta cheese and olives
Sliced fresh fruit platter served with a side of yogurt
Home made rich chocolate brownies & oat flapjacks

Menu 3

@ £12.00 per person

A selection of filled home cooked baguettes & mini speciality rolls (1 round per person)
A platter of Chargrilled Mediterranean vegetables
Greek salad, cucumber, tomatoes, delicious feta dressed in olive oil &
fresh lemon
Served with pita bread & houmous
A Penne Arrabiata salad garnished with Fresh Basil
A selection of exotic fruit skewers
A selection of delicious home made Bakewells & fruit frangipans

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