Sandwich and Rolls Platters

At Sands we make all our sandwiches on the day of delivery; we use the freshest breads and the best ingredients in mouth watering combinations.


Chef's tip

If you would like finger food, a cheeseboard or fruit & cakes with your sandwiches why not check out the finger food platters or Sandwich lunch page

Each Platter has 6 rounds and can be made up of Sandwiches, filled speciality rolls & tortilla wraps

Classic platterClassic platter
Classic platter

Classic Platter

@ £19.00

Gammon Ham & Coleslaw
Roast Chicken Salad
Tuna Mayo & Cucumber
BLT (Bacon Lettuce and Tomato & Mayo)
Egg Mayo & Cress
Cheese Ploughman’s with Pickle

Luxury platterLuxury platter
Luxury platter

Luxury Platter

@ £21.00

Mozzarella, tomato & Pesto Genovese with Rocket
Goats Cheese & Mediterranean Roasted Vegetables
Chicken, Swiss cheese, lettuce & Mayo
Prawn with cocktail sauce and crispy lettuce
Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese & Rocket
Roast Beef, horseradish & tomato

Vegetarian platterVegetarian platter
Vegetarian platter

Vegetarian Platter

@ £18.50

Egg Mayo & Spinach
Hummus, grated carrot & cucumber
Mozzarella, tomato & Pesto Genovese with Rocket
Brie & Grape
Sliced Egg, tomato & cress
Cream Cheese & Mediterranean Roasted Vegetables

Ciabatta & Focaccia Platter

@ £21.00 per platter (contains 6 Focaccia rolls)

Char-grilled Chicken with Mayo, toasted almonds & rocket focaccia
Milano salami, & smoked cheese ciabatta
Chicken escalope with chive aioli & mixed leaves focaccia
Egg mayo with baby leaf spinach focaccia
Mozzarella, fresh tomato, pesto and basil (v) ciabatta
Grilled vegetables with shaved parmesan, roasted tomato chutney & rocket leaves focaccia

Bagel Platter

@ £21.00 per platter (contains 6 bagels)

Salt Beef, Mustard Mayo & Emmental
Turkey, wholegrain mustard, tomato & iceberg
Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese
Tuna sweetcorn mayo & cucumber
Brie cheese, cranberry jam, baby leaf spinach
Mature cheddar & Branston pickle

Baguette Platter

@ £21.00 per platter (contains 6 baguettes)

Chicken breast, sage & onion stuffing, herb mayo & iceberg
Roast Beef, red cabbage horseradish relish & rocket leaves Wiltshire, honey roast ham & Emmental cheese with fresh tomato
Egg mayo, crispy bacon & mustard cress
Mature cheddar, chipotle chilli jam, cucumber, iceberg & spinach leaves
Sliced boiled egg, sun kissed tomatoes, shaved parmesan & rocket


Chef's tip

If you see something on the menu you would like to swap for another item please just let us know, we pride ourselves on being very flexible with our menus.


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